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Car Rental

Short Term Rentals at Skiathos-Skopelos-Volos-Pelion-Larissa-Agios Konstantinos



Rent a car services

Rent a Car is a basic requirement for the tourist today.Alpha Rentals uses all technological knowledge to deliver any new product/service in Central Greece just before our customers start to ask for it. Though, Greece is a country which has lot of differences from other European countries, such as geological structure, climate variances, culture and ethos. So, the success of Alpha Rentals  is to adapt all new and innovative products/services to the Greek needs or create new that could fit into the Greek mentality.

Choice and Safety

Alpha Rentals, Rent a Car services cover every single need of car transportation for the holiday maker as well as the corporate customer. In every case, customers can choose from a wide range of models with different sizes and styles. Our fleet consists of small city cars,  4x4 and  minibuses  most of which  are 6 months old on average. This way Alpha Rentals keeps up the high safety standards and minimizes the possibility of mechanical damage.  


If you wish to pick up your vehicle from the airport (Skiathos-Volos) or accomodattion (Skiathos-Skopelos-Agios Konstantinos-Volos-Mt. Pelion-Larissa) , please let us know.  One of our representatives will meet you  to deliver your car/Jeep.